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We are pursuing every possibility based on konjac

Japanese traditional food, konjac had long served as a type of medicine, that was called "Sunaoroshi" , which literally means an agent that removes sand from human body. In Edo era, steady growth and agricultural development made it possible for konjac to prevail and we can see that it has already been indispensable for our food culture.

We have been producing Konjac since the foundation in 1914

With the flow of the times, our food culture has been westernized and nowadays more and more people are suffering from lifestyle-related diseases that are caused by excessive calorie intake and obesity. Meanwhile, konjac, which is rich in fiber and low in calorie, is being reconsidered as health food that can prevent such diseases.

However, knowing that it is good for health, konjac was not accepted by everyone for its being "tasteless" or "its characteristic smell".

We are developing unique products such as frozen food, processed food and pre-packaged food that can cover these points, using konjac materials.

By providing our dear customers with a great value, we are positively contributing to the society.

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