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Only one

We are trying to be "the one" for you as a konjac maker

Using the best of konjac characteristics, we have been working on developing processed food and ready-made meals. Konjac is rich in fiber and helps lower blood sugar level and blood cholesterol level. It strengthens immune system and is suitable for a diet as a health food. We are using all of our experience and knowledge we have acquired over years to develop products that suit the modern diet.

Products made from fresh konjac potatoes harvested in Gunma.

We have products made from fresh konjac potatoes, which have rather crispy texture and hold flavor well. Musubi-Shirataki, shredded konjac, in a bundle tied in a knot, is one of them and is hand-tied in our plant.

The pioneer of freezable konjac

In 1993, we developed a freezable konjac product for the first time in our line of business and enabled certain Japanese dishes to become available as frozen food.

Konjac has possibilities in creating new range of food products.

For instance, using a mere 0.1% use of konjac, as in konjac jelly, can give it a totally different texture. It reacts to alkali and with some heat it becomes solid konjac as we know it today.

Getting rid of conventional image of konjac and developing as a material.

We are broadening our view on konjac and finding more uses of it. By establishing development section together with production section, we have put our flexible system in which both development and production stands as a whole on a firm footing. We have beentrying to find possibilities with konjac as a material.

CEO Toshikazu Nakamura with a konjac potato producer Mr. Sakae Tsuganezawa.

Musubi-Shirataki is hand-tied by our staff in our plant.

Plum paste sheet made with konjac is made through a particular process.

Mochi (rice cake) made with konjac doesn't melt in hot water and is used in dumplings.